Camembert “au four” to share

oven prepared , friends togheterness booster , italian ham , bread

Artisjok de bourgogne

lukewarm prepared , div. vinaigrettes

Pétoncles” little St Jacob scallops

herbbutter – gratinated

Scampi “De Bolle”

bathing in our home sauce

Carpaccio of meat (cow , belgian bleu-white)

portuguese olive oil , parmezan

Carpaccio of fresh St Jacobsscallops

citrusstyle dressing

Crusty Frog Legs

house herb butter

Scampi Salad

Italian ham , crusty-style

Goat Cheese Salad

Scampi Salad

Fish Stew

white wine creamy sauce , gratinated , chef’s selection

St jacques scallops

in the oven , gratinated , white wine sauce , schrimp (seabrugge)

Smoked Salmon

home cutted , traditional garniture

croquettes of cheese / schrimps (crevettes)

artisan , fried parsil , garniture

Scampi “De Bolle”

our famous sauce , wokked veggie’s , French fries


Famous @ De Bolle , meditterian fishstew “pot au feu “

Veal Kidneys , musterd or tarragon sauce

traditionaly prepared , fresh

Rib-Eye , Angus beef , fine piece of meat

presented with béarnaise sauce , French fries , a salad

“Tournedos” – beef filet (belgian bleu-white)

sauce of choice , fries , salad

Fish pan -chef’s selection

white wine creamy sauce , gratinated , chef’s selection

white fish filet (platefish -belgian origin)

buttersauce ,fries and salad on the side

white fish filet (platefish -belgian origin)

buttersauce ,fries and salad on the side

Wok , vegetable style

plenty of veggie’s , soy sauce

Pasta de Bolle

our famous sauce , veggie’s , with our without scampi’s

Little Humans (our future costumers)

divers , mini-steak , mini-scampi , croquettes , fried stuff ……

Always on track with suggestions displayed on our panel , on the table

ossobuco-boullaibaisse-buttermilk rammers cheese & egg-old skool artichoke-rabbit on its flan-civet of haze-bolt-asparagus flamande-lambkrown-zeeuwse mussels-hutsepot-camembert au four-tomato shrimp-asparagus scallop-pork cheeks, …

always attractive offer suggestions on our plate in the restaurant

local cuisine inspiration , or following the seasons …

on demand/reservation

all kinds of menu’s to host party’s from 8 persons on …

menu “de bolle”

scampi bolle- platefish(pladijs) or ribeye-dame blanche or irish

Dame Blanche , Crème Brulée , Chocolatmousse , Coupe Advocaat , Trio of Sorbet , Colonel / President , Banana Split , Coupe Bresilienne , Coupe Fraise , Irish Coffee , Divers Degestives , Coffee”de bolle”

divers gamma , homemade

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